LIFE*MOD Restaurant Row


LIFE*MOD Restaurant Row is a special program designed to allow our members access to information to restaurants that not only have been designated a LIFE*MOD Restaurant Row Venue, but those that have undergone the rigorous application within the LIFE*MOD Philosophy and Way. Our members in the LIFE*MOD Restaurant Row are restaurants that have a committed and dedicated philosophy to fresh, local products. These restaurants have demonstrated a commitment to serving not only super healthy foods, but have exemplified the motto of mindful eating. These restaurants not only serve LIFE*MOD approved foods, but their owners and chefs have also shown a commitment to delicious and healthy eating. Most of the restaurants have a relationship with the farmer that supplies their food and have decided that wherever possible only fresh, local preservative-free foods will be served. If you are a restaurant owner and would like more information on our LIFE*MOD Restaurant Row Program, please call us for more information.