LIFE*MOD is proud to announce that it has partnered with a top gym in the New York City area!  The gym is BASE in Jersey City and the program is LIFE*MOD-BASE!  With this amazing program, all members that join LIFE*MOD will get access to two of our LIFE*MOD approved personal trainers.  These trainers have undergone special instruction and overview of the LIFE*MOD Way and the LIFE*MOD program allowing the member to receive the highest quality personal training in the area.  The LIFE*MOD trainers have a deep understanding of the program and work closely with our LIFE*MOD Coaches and LIFE*MOD Physicians, ensuring optimal health & wellness. We are certain that there is no other gym that offers this synergistic and amazing complementary program!

Paul Vigliotta

ASA Certified Personal Trainer


For the past seven years, Paul has been coaching clients with his effervescent style. With a concentration with fat loss, chronic illness and mobility issues, he coaches a diverse clientele. He emphatically coaches people through the life changes which happen with a good fat loss program, while keeping the relationship fun and informative. His general knowledge of fitness and the science of the human body is one of the reasons he's been featured in the LIFE*MOD podcasts. He joined LIFE*MOD because of his desire to better himself, both physically and intellectually and LIFE*MOD has more than fulfilled this desire. The philosophies and practices of LIFE*MOD has changed the way he trains himself and his clients for faster and healthier results that last.  

Riley Hoffman

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer 


Riley is the living embodiment of fitness. She is a fitness model who specializes in nutrition and fat loss, while making sure her clients move well and pain free. Riley is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Small Group Training Coach at Base. She is currently working on her ISSA Fitness Nutrition Certification and Pre and Post Natal Fitness Certification. With a diverse background in sports and recreational activities, Riley brings an honest and enthusiastic style to her coaching. Her knowledge is only surpassed by her desire and dedication to have her clients reach and sustain their goals. You may find her easy and straightforward approach a great change to the the complexities of the fitness industry and the information overload that comes with it. 


LIFE*MOD was the perfect fit for Riley, as it blends nutrition and medical science, two areas of great interest for her. 


LIFE*MOD's approach of changing lives through education and science is what brought Riley to the fold, and what makes her such a great coach. Riley truly lives a LIFE*MOD lifestyle!