CLUB LIFE*MOD is a monthly service program that was developed exclusively with the member in mind. This program exemplifies the attention to detail and personalized service that no other program has and that is what optimizes out members' health. Our CLUB LIFE*MOD program requires a one-year commitment and is by invitation only. The LIFE*MOD member must have completed at least a one month membership in LIFE*MOD and must show a commitment to revolutionizing their lives.


Some of the unique services of CLUB LIFE*MOD are free entry into our Dinner With The Doc events and substantial discounts on most of our products and services. CLUB LIFE*MOD members also get exclusive TIP O'DAY information on a daily basis.

Our  CLUB LIFE*MOD program will revolutionize your health and your life. It is the most comprehensive lifestyle modification program out there. 

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