Know Thyself~


People often ask me how it is that an Orthopedic Sports Medicine Specialist got involved with something like LIFE*MOD.  My answer always is, why wouldn’t I?  To me, it is completely natural to counsel, advise and prescribe to patients, ways to get healthier, fitter and ultimately live longer. 

As many of you who read my columns will know, I have a deep passion for showing people how to completely change their lives.  It is always surprising to me that very few people, especially in this country, know themselves.  And what I mean about knowing themselves, I mean really knowing themselves.  Not what your favorite food is or what your favorite color might be, but really knowing your body and how to optimize your life. 

People nowadays have no concept about how their body works or what it needs to fully optimize itself.  We are capable of great physical and mental and emotional feats, yet none of us really appreciate that or even believe that.  We have become a society that is stressed, constantly talks about our problems, never doing anything about them, eating on the run, never enjoying our food and never spending time with ourselves.  Yes, with ourselves.  I mean sitting in a room with no one around and listening to what our bodies are saying, or taking a trip by ourselves and experiencing what it’s like to deal with our own being on a daily basis.

As the summer ends and fall is knocking at our doorsteps, I urge each and every one of you to take time to really get to know yourself.  Listen to who you are and what you want to become as a person.  Hear your own self tell you how much it longs for peace and health.  We aren’t meant to be stressed and eat foods that have the nutritional value of grass—we are meant to be happy, eat healthy organic fresh foods, move every single day, have peace in our lives and enjoy this thing we call life. 

At LIFE*MOD, every single day, we promote health, nutrition, fitness and mental peace.  We promote you.  Take this time to be a little selfish and indulge in your spirit, mind and body.  The running shoe company has it right: ASICS: Anima Sana In Corpore Sano—A healthy mind in a healthy body—


Victum. Vestri. Vita

Posted on August 29, 2014 .