Keeping It Real~



Summer is well under way, and as such, we all are busy making travel plans, working and just trying to keep it real.  Most of us are robots, just going through our day, not paying attention to any detail and just trying to make ends meet.  Stress is all around us, from making our car payments and mortgage or rent, to paying for ever-growing gas and electric bills.  We are totally NOT living.  We are totally SURVIVING- barely

I’ve recently had the fortune of running a full marathon.  I had always had that on my bucket list and felt initially that it was not an attainable goal.  As I began the pre-determined training schedule, I realized with every run, short and long, that as long as I was committed, I would end up finishing the run.  Was it easy? No. Was it fun? Not always. But it was always worth it.  I would finish whatever run I had to do and felt like I had climbed Mt. Everest every single time.  Time went on, training continued, and in November, I ran my best marathon in New York City. 

Running to me is very similar to life itself.  There will be easy days, there will be hard ones.  Sometimes it’s going to be painful, and somedays it’s going to be fun and easy.  But in the end, it is the determination and commitment that make it happen, and in the end, that’s what separates you from everyone else.  Everyone in this world can say they do this and that, and that they are capable of great things.  I agree.  Everyone is capable of anything, but only a special few turn the capable into done. 

At LIFE*MOD, our new registered motto is: Victum. Vestri. Vita. Which stands for Conquer Your Life.  We are proud of our motto because at LIFE*MOD we believe that all of us are capable of amazing things. All of us are meant to inspire and accomplish incredible goals, but not all of us will attain them.  LIFE*MOD will give you the self-knowledge that you need to change the habits that you want to live the life that you deserve. Victum. Vestri. Vita.

Posted on July 26, 2014 .